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The Ghost of the Denver Business University

Attending Denver School of the Arts, it is a graduation requirement to make a senior project. For your senior project, you are required to do essentially everything, from pre-production, production, and even post-production. It is designed to showcase ones skills on a multitude of levels, and allows people to bring their ideas to life. For my project, it became apparent that it was important to involve something close to me, so I decided to make a movie about the Lumber Baron Inn, my family business. After many conversations with my father, it was clear that the most appealing story to tell about the mansion was one of its famous ghost stories, which is precisely what I did. The ghost story is about a woman who formerly managed the building when it was apartments, and her ghostly encounters. The movie is very much a documentary, as it was entirely unscripted and real. In addition to the story-telling, I remade a multitude of scenes which allowed the viewers to easily visualize things more accurately.