LA's Nichols Group Ride

The Nichols Group Ride is one of the best group rides in LA, as it involves both climbing and tt-like efforts at the top. There are anywhere from 20-100 riders participating, and everyone is likely to find a small group of riders who can maintain the same pace. The ride meets at 8:00am every Sunday morning at the corner of La Grange Ave. and Westwood Blvd.

The initial climb out of Hollywood is just over 10 minutes, and splits the large number of riders up quickly. At the end of this climb, there is a section aptly called “The Wall” which brings even the best riders to a craw. Once you reach the top, there is another 9 miles of rolling hills which allow the slower climbers an opportunity to regroup and catch those in front of them. There are traffic lights along the route, but there are very few cars due to the early time of the ride, so it remains fairly safe.